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Love the script used for "America's Sweetheart". It looks like it may have some customization but it's clearly a font, not lettering. Reminds me of pulp romance novels. Any thoughts as to what it is?
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Hi Christopher! Welcome! What makes you so certain it's a font? Could be, but given all the customization to the tH, seems just as simple to use someone with hand lettering skills. What's your use case? If you want a mark in a script like this, my wife would be a good candidate. 

Otherwise, House Script or Belinda are close, but missing those dry brush ends. 

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I thought the e looked too consitent to be lettering, though I suppose it could be custom drawn and then repeated. There's no use case just now. It just really appealed to me and I wanted to note it for future use.

Yes, those dry brust ends are what make it!

Ok, I got you. Have a look at Handelson, Mr Dafoe, and Mr Stalwart.


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