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Looking to identify the typeface used for the credits on the one-sheet of 1977's SLAP SHOT, seen on this image in boldface and regular/slim. There are characteristics of several different fonts, but I can't track down the exact thing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Thank you, kthomps5, I appreciate your speedy response.
yes, was just going to write that, and the early use of seems to have the alternative M readily available.
Thank you switzer_b, much appreciated. After heading over to Fonts In Use, I learned that there were numerous variants, as well, not to mention the lower-case. Any idea where I could find those? Letraset or Letragraphica sheets, maybe? Or Homage to the Alphabet?

Yes, this specimen is from Homage to the Alphabet 

Yay! Thanks, Stewf, that's terrific.  If you know of any source for the variants, please let me know.

I don't think they've been digitized for ITC Ronda, and I doubt Monotype will ever invest the time into it. If it’s the ‘R’ you’re into check out Bonkus.

Stewf, not just the 'R', but the whole daggone thing; boldface, thin, alternate letters, etc. It's really a hobby for me, like collecting baseball cards only way more geeky.