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I have seen it on behance in a business card project. I like this font style but cant find somthing matching.

The letter t has a significant strong curve at the bottom.

Plz help me. Who can find this one or knows a very similar font?

Thank you!
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I don’t know this one, but I strongly advice against using it. The spacing is very poor, and that ‘f’ bend really causes issues when next to an ‘i’, as you can see here. Would need a ligature to remedy that issue. The widths are also very odd — ‘w’ too narrow and light. If you like this general style, I recommend something like Roslindale Text.

thank you very much, these are good hints. it is true. i like the style of the f and the e. I want to use it for initials. I do not find the font suitable for volume texts. I think Roslindale is a very good font. However, I am looking for this specialty.

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Casual, by Pelin Maravent and Gülsah Cansever, their final project for an advanced typography course.

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Yes, that's exactly the font. I have to say I am very impressed. Thank you very much kthomps5. You have helped me a lot. Great. Case closed.
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These don’t have the elphant ‘f’, but are in a similar wonky turn-of-the-20th-century style:

Young Serif
Larish Neue
Value Serif

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