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See yellow highlights (click to enlarge).

Unfortunately, both were not live text and were part of an image slice.

I'm looking for the serif font with the distinct "W" or "w" which looks like the two inner terminals are joined or else it's a loop. Please help!


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Is there a link in the email to a web version of the newsletter?

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Swear is the serif. 

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@Stewf You rose to the challenge. That's it!

Looks like it's an Adobe font licensed for Personal & Commercial use.

Basic Sans or Andes works for the sans.


Chris, seconding your ID of Basic Sans for the sans serif.
Just to be clear, it's an Ohno font available from Adobe. Sorry to be a stickler, but these things come from type designers who often run their own small companies and I like to make sure they get their due, and that people know they can buy from them directly.
Great point. I feel like font/foundry credits aren't as widely noted in our increasingly fast and digital lives as they could be. Then again, it's my personal preference to learn about these details and it may not be the case for the next person.