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Hi! Hope you friendly folks can help me out? I recently bought a secondhand Art Nouveau type for gilding from around 1900. Manufacturer unknown. It looks alomst identical to type called Grafiko however the Q is different. I think Grafiko might be based on this original? Thank you to anyone who knows what my type called and where it is from. Also, English is not my first laguage so I might not be using all the right terminology; bear with me.
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This typeface originated as Edina at the Scottish foundry Miller & Richard and was later sold by many other European foundries, including Graphik from Stempel, which is where Linotype’s Grafiko got its name. The metal type was caps and small caps only — Grafiko adds a lowercase.

Here’s a circa 1921 specimen:

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Thank you Stewf for clearing up this mystery for me.