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Apologies in advance - I’m a complete typography novice but stumbled across this fantastic  forum while looking to identify the font used on a series of Cadet Concept Records in the late 60s. 

I’m looking to identify the font used for the name of the label itself, which is in pink and orange in the attached example (a record by Muddy Waters). 

Cadet Concept was a record label based in Chicago between ‘67 and ‘70. Other releases with a similar style font include The Rotary Connection (featuring Minnie Riperton) and examples can be found here:

Any ideas or suggestions as to what font is used would be thankfully received. 

Thanks in advance.

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I can barely imagine this would be a typeface, given that the letters are too diverse in styles to work well as a typeface; D, E, T, and N all have glyphic serifs, while C, A, and O look geometric—something like Eurostile.

So although this is an argument from ignorance (the fact that I have never seen these two styles combined), my conclusion is that the Cadet Concept logo is lettering.
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That makes perfect sense. Thanks for the response. Appreciated.