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I am lookin for this font, I want to use it for a private project.

The writting says:

Karl König
Schönebeck (Elbe) 3

It is not handwritten is it?!

It was from a website whre you can buy old postcards.
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Hello Hans,

that’s Magere Sensation, first cast by the Heinrich Hoffmeister foundry in Leipzig in 1913. I’m not aware of a digital version.

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Great work. Thank you very much. I am impressed. But we can´t use it since I found no digital version of it.

Gern geschehen – you’re welcome!

The schmalfett (bold condensed) style of Sensation has been digitally interpreted as Concordia (RMU) recently – but that has a very different feel. Among digital options, Carabelle by Typejockeys might work as a substitute. It’s rounder and wider, but has the same upright cursive look with curly capitals. As a revival of a typeface that originated in Leipzig in 1914, it would be period correct, too, if that is a concern.