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Would like to id this font in hopes of duplicating. All help appreciated. Found on a 1966 Holley carburetor which I believe was an assembly line production installed carburetor.  .
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Nalrops, could you specify exactly which piece of type you want identified?

Your image contains the Holley logo (which is likely custom) and what looks like a serial number.
I see my mistake.  Thanks for asking for clarification.  I'm interested in the font of the black "4893" type.  Ultimately, once known, I'll be looking for a rubber stamp to duplicate it.

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Not a perfect match, but Cheltenham Bold comes close.

Country Western Fill is also similar, as is Clarendon Bold.

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Very kind of you to answer my question.  Thank you very much!
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Check out also Crash Numbering

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I'll check it out.  Thanks so much for sending.