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Bon Marché affiche (1910).jpeg
I would like to identify the four typefaces I colored blue, cyan, orange, and red—or verify that indeed this is lettering, as suggested by Florian Hardwig. It’s from a Bon Marché affiche from 1910.
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I guess there is no way this isn’t lettering. I thought I saw some features of Neue Moderne Grotesk which somehow convinced me the sans-serif types are based on typefaces. Florian Hardwig already noted how some of the letters differ in width in each instance; and upon closer inspection, I just noticed that the terminal cut of /r differs in each one.

I find it quite remarkable though that the flyer features three visually distinct typefaces that are lettered by hand. I guess I easily forget how common the practice of lettering was, given that it was often cheaper than using typefaces. That’s what I recently read with respect to late 19th century book covers, anyway.

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