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It looks like JHA My Happy 70s with a modified e and acute accent, slightly sharper serifs (particularly in C), and more concave top serifs. 

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First of all, thank you for your help.

Although the JHA font seems to be almost identical to the one in the Chloé logotytpe, I can't fail to notice that this has been the brand's logo for many, many years and a long time before 2017, which was the release date of My Happy 70's.

That means that there must a previous typeface from which JHA took some inspiration.

The web site of JHA states that the influence for this typeface was Baroque typography, without delving too much on the hows and whys of the process. Could you please tell me if there are old typefaces that may bear some kind of resemblance to My Happy 70's?

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Oh it may very well be that they both draw from a common source (I’m not sure what typeface if that is the case), or that the font was inspired by the logo. I haven’t been able to deduce when the Chloé logotype was introduced.