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This cover was taken on the iPhone while I was shopping at a local thrift store on March 5th, but there are two variants of the Egyptienne and a squarish reverse-contrast slab. Mostly some photo-typesetting is used here.


 Any thoughts?
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Which fonts are you looking to ID?
7 fonts, Steve
Got it. BTW, my name is Stephen or Stewf.

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Selbsterlebte: Lo-Type (Lo-Schrift) Medium Condensed

Die tollen: unknown. Similar to Figaro, stretched out

Originale!: Boutique (Peyson is a digital attempt)

Schlager: Gill Kayo Condensed

de 50er: unknown

Jahre: Egyptienne

small stuff: Helvetica

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Not Lo-Type, but the very similar Bernhard-Antiqua schmalfett, better known as Bernhard Antique.

Oh my, I forget how close these are!