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Hi all. What is the font used by Jacobin magazine DE?? Thanks
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Some similarity to DM Sans, but only generally.


The version of this article in the English edition does not use this typeface, and a digital version is not available for purchase or download of the German edition. Hopefully someone will recognize that distinctive g.
+1 on this website there is the font, and its name should be Wand UI Pro, even if sadly it is nowhere to be found on the web.

also some similarities to Space Grotesk, at least the lowercase g. I also had a look at the Cargo site for the font, no luck. added the image here in case someone else recognizes it.

Thanks. The font is very similar to San Francisco by Apple in my opinion. However I managed to download only the "semibold" version through the sources menu in Safari :(

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I contacted the designer / creative director (Andreas Faust) of the German Jacobin magazin and indeed the reason we aren’t finding it, is because the typeface Wand was drawn by him personally for the sociology in our time site, and likely for the print version you posted as well.

you might try writing him directly and asking if it (extra bold or black) is available for purchase, as he is also part of open foundry (which doesn’t list the font).
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I had written to him too, but he hadn't answered me, thanks, I'll try again.
i wrote him in german, that might help...
Thanks. I will write him in German, though I don't know a single word!! Hope Google Translate will help me ahahah