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I discovered this kind of title while I was surfing the internet - the band's name is a typeface from New York's typesetting service Photo-Lettrering, Inc., on the album cover designed by Herry Epstein and William Duvell.


Conceivably, it could be a variant of Glaser's Baby Teeth from 1966, with some details in glyphs including the N, like in the NBC logo from 1974 to 1979.

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Chances are it’s lettering based on Bosco Silhouette. This design by Alfred R. Bosco was added to Photo-Lettering’s library sometime before 1965 (and likely considerably earlier). C, E, L, N are a match. The H is probably custom, as Silhouette’s H looks much like an X. With some stretching and adding counters/notches to D, R, S, you’d get there.

Bosco was born in Naples, Italy. The design echoes elements found in Italian Art Deco lettering.

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I think that font gets the point, thanks for the suggestion.
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Sorry, not finding a match. I suspect it is custom lettering.


Similar digital typefaces, to greater and lesser degrees: Lokomotiv, Amneziak

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