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Hey Fiz, that’s the Bold weight of Linotype’s Bodoni.

Are you aware of sites like What Font Is or WhatTheFont? Don’t get me wrong, you are free to ask here, and me and others are happy to help! I was just thinking that running the image through one of these services will give you an answer much quicker than a forum post can do.

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Thank you very much for your help.

I am actually aware of both sites. My personal experience is that they work very well indeed when the font is an easily recognisable classic, such as a Futura or a Times New Roman. But whenever the solution becomes a little bit trickier, they are usually at a loss. 

I am attaching two examples for you to see why Whatthefont feels like an unreliable source to me. Logic dictates that the first results should yield the closest match. Instead, it's all quite a mess of unknown typefaces. 

Having said that, I do apologise for posting too many questions, which makes me a bit of a nuisance. I promise I will try and do a better research instead of mindlessly resorting to Font Id.

Thanks again for all the past help.

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No worries, I didn’t mean to suggest you’re asking too much questions here! ;) You are absolutely right that these automatic identification services aren’t perfect. WhatTheFont only recognizes those fonts that are available from MyFonts (which are many, but far from all). As such, it can’t find Pícara. What Font Is – as a service not tied to a single distributor – finds fonts from many sources, including free and open-source ones, for better or worse. It has its flaws, too.

When I saw Linotype Bodoni (a classic), I thought “hey, Fiz could have found that one via these services much quicker!” … but now I realize my bias: I could only think that because I had already recognized the font. When you don’t know the font, you obviously don’t know whether it’s a classic, or whether it’s part of the MyFonts catalog.