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It reminds me of the following types but it's none of these I think.
ITC Serif Gothic by Herb Lubalin and Tony Di Spigna
ITC Busorama by Tom Carnase
Marvin by Face Photosetting

The serifs are kind of weird. It could also be just a lettering/alteration of an existing type

Happy to receive any suggestion
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Hi Daniel,

That’s definitely a custom logo, and not a font.

Among fonts, RevueAdvertisers Gothic, and Carilliantine have vague similarities in some letterforms and their overall Art Deco vibe, but none of them comes really close for me. Marcheile has a similar nested RO pair, but again, it’s not very close.

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Hey Florian,

thanks a lot! Your references wil help me anyway :-)
Have a nice day.