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Been trying to identify what font these Greek letters use for a week now, to no avail. Font identification websites don't work very well and I've skimmed through many fonts with the custom text "α β γ δ ε ϵ ζ η θ ι κ λ", but alas, no match.

Closest I've gotten to is something akin to Andale Mono. Not much success. I know for a fact this font existed in 2005, because these images are c. 2004-2005. Unfortunately, this is all I have in terms of the font itself, and the font is only used up to the lambda character. The letters I've included have the most unique characteristics -- the other letters aren't too interesting. Good to note that Arial is also a commonly used font in these images, but this is not Arial.

Some interesting characteristics:

  • Most likely sans serif
  • The beta is closed (no gaps in the inner lines)
  • The delta is very rounded and has a very smooth curly piece at the top
  • The epsilon used is the lunate, or the epsilon is lunate in nature -> font probably supports character U+03F5
  • Theta does not have equal space in upper and lower gaps; bottom is more spacious
  • Zeta is very unique to this font -> very curved, long tail, flat top

Thanks in advance.

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