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Thanks to the wonderful help, I created a great image for my friend. However, I came across a new mage and I have no idea if it is a font or a welded image. Can anyone help? I love the letters, but they are so close together and I would love to move them slightly apart. Contour basically deleted them all. Lol Thanks in advance!
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Hi Wolf,

This design started as an alphabet (not a typeface), drawn in capitals and minuscules by Swiss artist Walter Haettenschweiler in 1961 and reproduced as Gaité in the second volume of the Lettera book series. It was later adopted for phototype, under the alias Wonderland.

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone turned this piece of lettering into a digital font. Unfortunately, I don’t know of such a digitization (but I would be interested to learn about it). When was the image made?

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I found it in Design Space on Sunday. I clicked on it, and the details said it was a part of an image set named Savory. I assume that means that it's a part of one of those cartridges they used to have for the older machines? No clue! Thanks so much for the history of the lettering! I find that really fascinating! I may be able to cut it apart with a line if no one knows if this was turned into a font, but I appreciate your history lesson, regardless! I had no idea how many fonts this gentleman created and how many are still used today! How fascinating!

Thanks! By Design Space, do you mean this app by Cricut?

Walter Haettenschweiler indeed was prolific! Our record at Fonts In Use is far from complete. There are many more designs that I mean to add eventually. By the way, the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich will show a retrospective soon.

Yes, Design Space is by Cricut. The closet font I have found is called Specimen Leaf for Life by Riki.Studio. It's not as chunky, but it has leaves. Most of the other leaf fonts I have found are so ugly. Lol I look forward to you completely finishing your museum!