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Hello. This font appears in a book of the year 1877. I am trying to find the typeface used and a matching modern font.


thanks in advance for any help on identifying it!
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Leonardo’s contribution was published on Fonts In Use now. This ID is still missing. If you have any insights, we’re happy to hear it.

1 Answer

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Could it be an old condensed cut of a predecessor to Century Oldstyle?


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Thanks for giving me an excuse to flip through my books!

Here's some more material which might bring this closer. My guess is it's a long-lost condensed Old Style from the late 19th century.


Thank you, Ryan! It is definitely a condensed oldstyle. It’s not the one shown by ATF as Lining Oldstyle Condensed No. 522, among other names/numbers: in that version, serifs are longer and rounds more round than in the 1877 application.