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Hello. This font appears in a book of the year 1877. I am trying to find the typeface used and a matching modern font.


thanks in advance for any help on identifying it!
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Where was the book printed?
It was printed in Rochester, NY.
FYI, this is for a WIP submission to Fonts In Use. I asked Leonardo to gather some IDs here at Font ID first, as he’ll get more eyeballs by knowledgeable folks.

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I think it may be Ionic Compressed, as shown in this 1867 Farmer catalog! The Great Primer size seems to match.

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Among digital fonts, HiH’s revival of Besley Clarendon probably comes closest. It’s heavier and has bracketed serifs, though.

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Bruce’s Clarendon Condensed is a tad too wide, see especially L and the sample’s straight-sided O.