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It's a sans serif of some sort. It is on the lens of a Whelen M7 Lighthead, the most visible text is on the lower left, right, and top right corners. Font is used on the lenses of other Whelen lightheads and products too,

The most distinct features I am noticing are the sharp angle on top of the 3, the middle line on uppercase E being shorter than the other two, and the uppercase G being fully rounded on the outside.

Use is recreating this same lighthead as a 3D model.
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I added additional images to help our community make out the type. BTW, I see two typefaces (or lettering styles) in the image. The "MFG. IN USA" lettering at the top right of the product (shown here below) is different from those on the bottom.

Didn't notice that it was separate, now that I look at it the M is totally different. Thanks for pointing that out!

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"MFG IN USA" appears to be Century Gothic. That also matches the line drawing on the installation guide for a different product.

answered by Champ (9.8k points)
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"SAE…" and "WHELEN ENG…" may not match any digital font because it may come from some other template system used in manufacturing. Similar: DIN 17, Normalisé DIN, Typ 1451

answered by Champ (9.8k points)