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This is the title card for the animatronic TV show Interster (like Thunderbirds, but in space) produced in South Africa in 1981 and broadcast in 1982 for two seasons.

I initially thought it was Aachen, but as soon as I set the word, I realised how bad my memory of Aachen was.

Apart from using a cleaned-up version of this with other font ID sites, I also tried redrawing it based on the characters with the white outline and just with the green fill and using those to try and ID it. Unfortunately, neither came up with any matching results.
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I think it’s neo-Jenson Extrabold by Headliners. The closest digital option might be Derringer, which appears to be derived from Jenson Serial by Brendel/Typeshop.

answered by Champ (5.3k points)
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Yes, I think it might just be neo-Jenson based on the few letters in your links.

Strangely enough, I had come across Derringer but discarded it because of the curved arms, legs, bowls, etc.

Now, if I could only get a sample of the few letters I need of neo-Jenson, I could redraw them properly and get this out of the back of my mind.

Thanks for pointing me in the (hopefully) right direction.

I finally posted some specimens of neo-Jenson and neo-Mini Jenson in my Headliners Flickr album.

Thanks, Stephen. I really appreciate your effort on this.