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Would you please help me find this font? Thanks a million!
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Thanks a million! Would you please help me how did you find it?

The answer is in the the link that kthomps5 provided. You need to buy the font from its creator, Extraset.
Yea I know. I just wondering how guys like this friend find these fonts. Cause I used every font finder websites like myfonts and etc, but they didn't can help me. It's fascinating!

Oops, I’m sorry, I misunderstood your question! 

We’re a bunch of weirdos who spend a lot of time looking at fonts – including many that aren't available on MyFonts. Here are some ways you can be more like us … if you dare!

Yea, no problem buddy. :) and... oh! that's amazing that you guys find it just by searching in your minds! I've been here for around 6 years and when I couldn't find them anywhere I was glad to I know this website and guys like you that helped people free, fast and more accurate than any tools. I want to shake your hands and say thank you and everyone who help others in this website. Thanks dear Stewf! (and for tips!)