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I'm trying to find the font for the cap S shown here. I don't think it's the same font as the cap B. I'd also like to find the lower case y at the end. I've looked so hard and for so long I'm thinking they must be alt characters in big opentype fonts.

This is the movie poster:
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Sorry, but it appears to be custom lettering by the Seatle-based muralist, illustrator, and lettering artist Stevie Shao.


Quite similar for the S and B—Quita.


Similar vibe—Milton One and Milton Two.

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OMG thank you so much. I did try looking on IMDB and there were two art director's names and I was fishing around if I could find contact info for them. Are you familiar with this artist? That was brilliant of you to get this link for me. I guess now I can stop searching obsessively, but on the other hand my heart is broken that I'll never find it. I was wondering what the other letters might look like. I think this person should cease all other activities and only make fonts from now to forever.