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The artist that used it said it is indeed a typeface. He said he typed in his name and took a screenshot. My guess is one of the basic foundries has it or something given you can type whatever you want.
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Sorry, not finding it in any of the major databases. If it is a typeface, it is lkely from a smaller foundry or individual type designer.

CREATOR and the Japanese beneath it are set in FOT-New Rodan Pro EB Regular; perhaps the source of the reverse-contrast type is also non-Western?

Sharing the name of the designer might aid our search (designers tend to have favorite font sources, and other work by him or her may lead us to an ID).
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Found it on MyFonts! It's Vistr. Just a really intricate reverse contrast display typeface.
I ran your sample through WhatTheFont on and didn't get a match—they evidently haven't updated their database in a while.

Good detective work Noahsam97....