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From an album cover used a while back. The A in this one is the same throughout as with other letters. Looks like a basic marker or pen tip.
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A typeface based on the handwriting of Kurt Cobain.


Unfortunately, the linkout featured on the page no longer works. It was evidently shut down because of licensing/copyright issues.

answered by Champ (15.1k points)
Thank you so much! Found a link but for some reason some of the characters change. The a rnr the F do! Is the writing underneath the same font?

Here are screen caps of the OTF preview from the actual font file, as well as the license info (the fonts were only ever intended for personal use, something the Haircuts for Men designer ignored):



There are Opentype contextual alternates for the characters you called out—just tested it in InDesign.

How were you able to avoid using the alternatives?
You have to be working in software that supports OpenType features (you want to turn off contextual alternates, usually accessible via the Character dialogue).

It should work in any Adobe software. Not fully supported in Microsoft Office applications.