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Blind was a Brand Strategy Design Consultancy of Chris Do. Nils Lindstrom, ACCD instructor was the lettering artist for the logo, see Blind Logo on Behance. I don't think this is a font, I am curios about specfic style of this blackletter. What relevant sources should I look into and what are simillar typefaces? Thanks :)

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Blackletter classification can be tricky, as not everything falls neatly into one bucket – there are a lot of grey zones. And we only get to see a few letterforms, not a full alphabet with crucial glyphs like a and o. The underlying frame of this logo also has much of the verticality of Textura, infused with freer calligraphic elements.

Among classic blackletter typefaces, Rudolf Koch’s Wilhelm-Klingspor-Schrift (1925) comes somewhat close, especially its capital B with the long bottom diagonal and the vertical hairline. If you dig the swashiness, check out Storm’s Dracula (2017, five weights of increasing width plus a spectacular Inline variant). Alex Camacho’s Origen (2017) has the d with the vertical right side – and it optionally comes with nice decorated caps.

If you can get your hands on a copy, Fraktur Mon Amour provides a good overview of blackletter typefaces.

answered by Champ (4.9k points)
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There are four main styles of blackletter: Textura, Rotunda, Bastarda, and Fraktur. I believe your sample would qualify as Fraktur.

Here are some contemporary takes on blackletter.

answered by Champ (14.8k points)
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I concur with Kevin on the Fraktur category. If you’re looking for something with this calligraphic flair, check out Darka, which is a kind of Fraktur/Batarde hybrid.

answered by Champ (10.2k points)