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The wide sans-serif typeface for "Digiuni Luigi" is also used in the label of Carlo Carletti. 
The remaining texts of the Diguini are in OS Expended and Scotch/Modern perhaps? But that's not the point. The brands in this bass is also very interesting, the first in Art-Nouveau style, and the second, normal sans serif. Answers on the wide sans-serif and the brands will be greatly appreciated. 

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The wide sans is Bastoni larghi. I don’t know where it originated.

answered by Champ (4.9k points)
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Thanks, very interesting! Do you have a full specimen of it?

Here’s the page from the post-1952 specimen by De Luca (scan courtesy of Hans Reichardt):

Thanks! But this image may not be clear enough for a digital copy, unfortunately.
I agree, it’s too small for making a digitization that is faithful (I don’t have a larger version). On the other hand, I doubt that this design needs a direct digitization, other than maybe for academic purposes. It is rather unattractive.