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asked by (24 points)
My first impression of the top one is that it looks a bit like Clarendon, but it's not.

The angled T serifs should be a clue; have you tried Identifont?

1 Answer

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The 1927 sign looks like an imitation (possibly Italian, by the Nebiolo Type Foundry) of Roemische Antiqua (ca. 1884), published in Germany. Soon after that, many German foundries cloned it, and then it was imitated outside Germany, in France, Italy, England, and America. Famous imitations were known as Elzevir no. 3, De Vinne (in America), and Romana. The English versions tended to be sturdier, I think, hence were called "Elezevir Anglais" in French type specimens. See some examples here:
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