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Can anyone please help identify the font on the trailer card of Hitchcock's NORTH BY NORTHWEST? I have the feeling it was handmade. It looks similar to Franklin Gothic which was used by Saul Bass on the actual film titles. All help is appreciated.

asked by (10 points)

1 Answer

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It appears to be based on Futura Bold Condensed and Extra Bold Condensed. Not all details match the digital version(s), which might be due to differences in the analog version used, or due to the fact that it’s a manual rendition.
answered by Champ (4.1k points)
Yes I considered that. The angled stem of the R and the main stem of the Y seem slightly flared to me. If you open the imigae in Photoshop and copy and paste the N and the O and superimpose them over their duplicates, they don't match up. Thanks though, Florian.