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I’m inquiring about the headline that reads “Kartagina 21. stoletja”. A bolder weight could be seen with “Sandra Torres”. I’ve also reached out to the designer.

More details here:
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Good news and bad news: I found the name, but no info more than a name. It appears that this thin slab is part of a bigger family including serif and sans version. A pdf found onbline shows the sans, apparently named “Bad News”. Have not found more info about type by that name.


[EDIT] Three cheers for Luc DeVroye. Bad News was designed by Samo Ačko, who is in charge of the newspaper design (who else could commission a typeface named Bad News for a newspaper!?).

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Strongly resembles Emsley by Aljaz Vesel, who is a friend of Tomato Kasir—maybe a custom face for the newspaper?
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