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When It’s Not a Font
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3 Answers

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That’s Kabel. (The quote is in ITC Korinna Italic, the title looks custom drawn).

answered by Champ (4.9k points)
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It looks like the sans serif is Sans Serif by Sol Hess (Monotype, 1930). See a Flickr post by Stephen Coles showing the character set.

answered by Expert (1.8k points)

I still think it’s (a version of) Kabel, not Monotype’s copy Sans Serif. In the latter, U doesn’t have a stem.

The extenders in the lowercase are shorter than in the original Kabel. It’s not ITC Kabel, though. Chances are we are looking at one of the photo adaptations with enlarged x-height, see for example PLINC’s Kabel Maxi. There was also Kabell by Alphabet Innovations and, IIRC, neo-Cable by Headliners,

Youy’re probably right, I missed the U. I figured it could be Sans Serif looking at the wide M.
I see! I wondered what makes you say Sans Serif. Entirely possible that such a wide M can be found in one of the phototype versions, too.
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All of the credits are set in Kabel

answered by Champ (14.8k points)