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Hi there,

I like to ask any of you here for some help with identifying the Plantur 39 logotype, if it is even exists as a commercially available font (Which I sort of starting to doubt).  Or perhaps someone here that might know more background details about the design for the brand's visual identity, or even better, the name of the original designer.

Usually I'm pretty good at recovering any available information or origin for a certain lettering or font. So therefor I'm starting to think it simply doesn't exist as a font. But, I haven't reached out to the online community for help yet, so there is still this tiny bit of hope my topic here gets me any further.

Kind regards,


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1 Answer

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Perhaps based on Selznick NF, which itself is based on ITC Anna?

answered by Champ (14k points)
This could very well be the case indeed. They show numerous striking resemblances.