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This is the logo used on a series of CDs released in Japan, in or around 1998.

I've already tried separating the letters and running it through WhatTheFont and WhatFontIs, with nothing coming close.

Identifont wasn't of help either - results were either very swashy or extremely wacky.
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Seems to be based on Minion Italic / Italic Swash, with some customization (the G, among other letters).

answered by Champ (15.1k points)
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Very well spotted! I knew it was a (customised) swash variant of some family, but never would have pegged Minion.

It's close to the one from the old Creative Suite, but unfortunately, it's not a match after further inspection.

The letter shapes are similar, but if this was created from Minion, then they did some extreme customisation since most angles, widths, serifs, swashes, etc, don't match up. Even the loop in the E is a different shape.

Now I'm wondering if there is a "knockoff" Minion since there are so many similarities.

I said it was based on Minion Swash, not a straight setting of it, and that it has been customized.

Minion was released in 1990 and in 1992 in multiple master format. It has been revised several times since then.

I matched your sample to a version marketed by Agfa/Adobe in 2000:

I didn't consider that there could've been substantial changes made to the letterforms over time. I'd have thought they'd refine them and not make "major" changes.

I didn't mean to suggest it wasn't customised, but with what I saw compared to the version I own, it really looked like it could've been another (very similar) family. Which it turned out to be.

Thank you for explaining which version you compared it to. Much appreciated. I can already see from your sample that the E and R differ from mine.
It looks like it's probably Minion Semibold Italic Swash with sharpened serifs then -- and a heavily modified G.

So, there seem to be some minor as well as some substantial differences in certain letter shapes between the Type 1 release, and the OpenType Pro release.

Thanks again, Kevin.