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The brilliant 1991 computer game "Another world" (or "Out of this world") starts with a intro where a scientist uses a terminal with a monospace typeface to start a particle accelerator. 

I can't identify this font via Identifont or

Video walkthrough:


Screenshot of a video game reading "I see you have driven here in your Ferrari" from a green text-based computer login screen. A scan of the users car key is visible.

A fictional computer login screen from a computer game, reading "Copyright (c) 1990 Peanut Computer, Inc. CDOS Version 5.01"

A screen from a fictional computer interface about a particle accelerator experiment, green text on a dark green background.

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This is a pixel font, I think. Made in one size, drawn not with vector lines but pixel boxes.
they were rarely sold afaik, and very often custom made. A vast majority of the pixel fonts I collected didn't have names, but strings of numbers or similar identifiers.
they were relatively easy to design, and a lot of the charms of this one is its inconsistencies, see how E doesn't sit center in its space, for instance.

Given the visual sophiatication of the game, its very likely the developer made it custom for the game.

the font should, if this is true, be stored as a single bitmap image in the game files.
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Thank you!