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Parlophone had a few logos over their existence. This one is for the period 1969-1979. I tried to clean up the text slightly to run through some font identifiers, but that yielded no matches.

I thought it might be a Monotype Grotesque due to the angled ends on the arms of the E, but the shape of the letters in the condensed version differs from the regular width.

DF Dejavu includes the same style of letters, but it's an amalgam of different faces released in 2010, so it's not that.
asked by (5 points)

2 Answers

+1 vote

it looks very close to Bliss with a few minor changes but this is condensed and bliss is not,

answered by (9 points)
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Are you looking for an ID, or for a digital font that comes close? Being a logo, chances are it’s not using any type, but custom drawn letterforms.
answered by Champ (4.9k points)
While a digital font would be nice, I'd prefer identifying the original family (if it's not custom) so that I can try to track down samples to redraw this from as accurately as possible.