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Can someone help me identify the font used for the cover of the ESC version of Marco Mengoni's single 'Due Vite'? Thanks in advance
asked by (18 points)

2 Answers

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Florian is correct about the origin, but it is an actual typeface available for download:

Sometimes Regular, by Balázs Szemmelroth in collaboration with the Media and Design Department of the Visual Arts Institute, Eszterházy Károly University, Eger, Hungary.


answered by Champ (15.1k points)
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This is great, I was pretty sure there was a ready-made font, I've used every ai tool to identify it but wasn't able to find the right one, so thanks billions for finding it, I'm amazed :-) And there's even a DL link! THANKS again!
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Hi Lukas, this is Times New Roman with some serifs cut off. It could be the case that there is such a ready-made font out there. Or maybe it’s a custom job.
answered by Champ (5.3k points)
I truly think there is a ready made font, areplos book pro is actually very similar, capital M and other letters tell that it's not the same font