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Does anybody know this typeface (in this quality and style)? Is it still in use, but more important, who might own the rights?

Regarding the font, it must be a ‘real font’ because it’s printed but I just don’t know if this is still in use or might be in need of restoring.

This is an old project hanging in my font folder, that I would like to finish up if I'm not inflicting any copyrights.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi Rene. Do you know the year of release or is 1920s just a guess?
it's just a guess because the typeface looks to be from that era.

I’ll take a look next time I’m at the Letterform Archive. Closest digital thing I know is Reznicek (origin uncredited), but it’s obviously more curvaceous.

Thanks Stephen, that would be great. Hopefully you can find something out. If not, I'll just proceed and see what happens. ;-)

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