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One of our clients needs his logo reworked so it will fit in our mobile app's display.  The lower case "e" has a slanted horizontal bar which gives it a decidedly "Star Trek" feel to it.  There are no serifs, but it goes further than that.  The vertical portions of lower case "n" and "r" don't extend above the first curve, and the vertical bars of lower case "a" and "d" don't extend below the bottom curves in their lower right corners.  I have no idea what the origin of this font is.  The client speaks English as a second language so we're having trouble conveying the idea of changing the logo's aspect ratio.  He's freaking out about our re-design so he won't tell us the font's name, but I can't calm his nerves by showing him our ideas without it.  Catch-22.  Sigh.  Does anyone recognize this font?  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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I don't recognise this face, but you could start by searching for fonts similar to “Serpentine”.

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