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Hello! I'm looking for the font used here in the main text and (as an extra) I'm curious how to achieve the same kind of variation in the letters. I like how bold it looks and that sometimes the letters can flow into each other. 

It's from the book Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut, published in the Vintage Classics series in 2000.
ISBN: 9780099842606.

Thanks in advance!

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It’s just a poorly reproduced/printed example of New Caledonia.

Printed on a cheapish paper that soaks up the ink, the letterforms have spread way beyond what they should.

There are typefaces designed to mimic the look, usually described as “distressed” or “vintage,” but I don’t know of any based on New Caledonia.

Letterpress Text by Chris Costello might work for you.

Also check out the offerings at Walden Font Company.


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Thank you for your response!

I'm not sure if I want to use distressed fonts, because every letter will be distressed in the same way. It's for use in a novel, so it might be weird and a bit fabricated if I use something like that.

I think I'll just go with New Caledonia or something like it in semibold.

The Walden Font Company is interesting. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.