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I have uploaded to many font identifiers with no luck. As you notice, the M, G, R & S are very stylized. This is making me think this is a grotesque/grotesk, din or gothic font. I have looked at Compacta, Jay Gothic URW, FF Din, Neue Aurora, Eurostile Condensed plus many others, to no avail.

Thank you in advance for your help!
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If it was a typeface, and not lettering created by General Motors advertising department, it doesn’t appear to have survived into the digital age.

You may have to mix and match a few typefaces, and do a bit of surgery on them, to approximate it.

Agency FB and Warp Three NF are good for the overall look, but not great for the R and K, and you’d have to shorten the terminal strokes on the G, C and S to match the shorter ones on your sample.

You could use something like Public Gothic for the R and K.


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Thank you very much! This helps immensely. :)