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This is a font which was used quite a lot on UK TV in the 1980s.  It looks 'digital' in that it's quite square in shape, but has rounded edges.  I understand it was one of the built-in fonts that the Aston 4 character generator had.  I've attached examples from 3 difference instances.  The Top of the Pops credits show the font in initial caps. Does anyone know it's name?  Thanks in advance.
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I believe this font was also included with the Vidifont, as you can see in this 1979 CNN promo. Not sure what it was called, but I doubt it was available anywhere except these character generators for video graphics.

You can see more examples in this character generator system promo which I believe was produced by Vidifont.

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The font used for the 1979 CNN promo is ITC Bolt. The one shown by Mark is similar, but not quite the same.

Oh, wow, I forgot ITC Bolt! I think you got it for both. “ZOO” and“BASIC MATHS” may be something else, but I wouldn't be surprised if the first sample is also Bolt, perhaps customized for the character generator. Make it an answer!