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font sample.jpg
It was used on a memorial program that we created for a deceased member of our congergation. The person who created it is no longer on staff and the documnet is a jpg so I cant look at the font name.
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Matthew 25:21 is Capitals, a Mac OS system font.

The rest is just Times New Roman, again a system font on Windows and Mac OS systems.

The next time you create one of these, maybe use proper double quote marks (not the prime symbol used in your sample).

answered by Champ (14k points)
Thank you for the info on the Capitals font ...that is what I was the font information I was trying to locate. Very much appreciated.

While I appciate your puncuation suggestion, the proper grammer is as shown in the photo clip. This is a direct portion from Scripture (as referenced Matthew 25:21 if you care to look it up to see). It is a quote within a quote therefore the '...' is the proper puncation to used.
In a printed Bible, that may apply. But out of that context you'd wrap the entire citation in double quotes and use single quotes for an internal quote. If the entire citation isn't wrapped in double quotes, then double quotes for the internal quote would be appropriate.

But if you're in the UK, the exact opposite is true....

Just don't use the prime symbol (which is what your sample employs). Whether double or single, proper quote marks are curved....