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To spend some time before the next christmas walk/movie/meal, here's six display types that used to be retail fonts, but were pulled from te market for different reasons.
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Some time we must ask the boss for a full quiz implementation for this site, so that more than one or two person can enter without other people seeing their suggestions... :)
Wouldn't that be nice!

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1) Elderkin Bold.

2) Venus Extended.

3) Cooper Hilite.

4) ?

5) Naiv.

6) Times Modern.

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All correct (naturally). Instead of showing Venus Bold Extended (which still is for sale), the picture should've shown Venus Bold Condensed.


A showing of Elderkin with more details:

Released in 2002, withdrawn 2005. No longer for sale. Eric Olson:“A few of my typefaces were made for very specific projects (Process Grotesque + Elderkin) and really have no contribution to make beyond that. Sure they look fine, but who cares? I’m not thrilled with them and plan on removing them this spring.”

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#4 is Alexey, a rectangular stencil typeface (with pinched corners in the lighter weights). Design: Chester Jenkins (Village, Constellation) and Rick Valicenti (Thirstype), published in 2003. I think it was removed at the occasion of the vllg-website relaunch (2011?), when 'Village' was renamed 'Constellation'. At that time, Magnus Rakeng and Thirstype left the shop. Some of their designs remained on the site, now filed under 'Constellation'. Other designs, like Alexey, dissappeared.

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