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I'm in love with the little serif on the bottom of the G. The G and the A match Galliard, but the T isn't right for Galliard.
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Hi Ben,

Galliard wasn’t around yet in 1911. This is Römische Antiqua, or probably rather one of the American or British versions thereof, like Inland’s MacFarland, Farmer’s Bradford Old Style, Hansen’s Crawford, or Shanks’s Flemish Old Style.

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Wow, certainly several of these seem probable, but it seems that not one of them is available as a digital font???

That’s correct. Laurenz Brunner’s LL Bradford is a digital interpretation, and it has that G with spur, but it is of lower contrast, and key details like top of A, long middle bar in E, angled terminals of T, and bowl of R were drawn differently.

Well, that's a frustrating digital dead end, but thanks for your detective work!