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Easy Rider Movie Logo from1969 (2 different versions, see D/d)
it is similar to Corporate/image or Limited/view
i first thought it was lettering but found the czech poster
so i think it is a font
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The closest I’m aware of is Suisse Sans from Headliners. Used with the stenciled and biform alternates, stretched and slanted, it will bring you pretty close. Judging from the specimens available to me, it’s not a perfect match in all details, though. In the 1978 sample of Suisse Sans, all forms for a and e have one sharp corner, for example. (Note that the a in the Czech poster likewise has a non-rounded bottom right corner, unlike in the other images.)

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Great Florian, thanks a lot.Any idea when this was released originally?

Not really. It’s not included in this index from 1969, whatever that may tell us.



as for the Easy Rider Logo: the designer flipped the e to get the a :-)

Possibly, yes. Note, however, that there is neither an a nor an e with rounded corners all around in Suisse Sans.


As for dating: the yellow posters (“Easy Rider rides again”, “Remember Easy Rider”) are from 1972, not from the original release in 1969. The Czech poster is yet more recent – Heritage Auctions dates it to the 1990s.


Yes. What I’m saying is that the original logo might have been custom drawn (see also the different d) – not unusual for movie logos at the time. And then later on, lettering artists either expanded this basic style to other words. Or used a (then available?) similar typeface, possibly with modifications, to match the logo.